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Dog License Application

Thank you for registering your dog with the Municipality of Central Huron. Please complete the following form. Once the form is complete, it will be emailed to the Municipal Office. Once received, the invoice and tag(s) will be mailed to you. If you have questions, please contact the Municipal Office at 519-482-3997 or 

Current Fees:
Male or female dog - $25.00
Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull - $205.00 (annually)
Vicious Dog - $205.00 (annually)
Dog Tag Replacement - $10.00
Late Penalty on Dog Tag - if not paid by March 31st - $20.00
Kennel License - $150.00

Owner Information:

Dog Information:

Do you currently have a dog tag account with the Central Huron?
Do you have another dog you would like to register?

Please note: Annual tags are mailed out, with the invoice, in January of each year. Annual Dog License Fees are due by March 31st of each year. There is a $20 late fee applied to each tag after March 31st of each year.

Important Information

Proof of altering:

Section 5.4 of the Municipality of Central Huron Animal Control Bylaw states “Upon application for a licence for a spayed female dog or neutered male dog the applicant shall produce to the Municipality of Central Huron or its authorized agent at the time of application when requested, a certificate from a veterinary surgeon that such female dog has been spayed or such male dog has been neutered.”

Limit of Animals in a Dwelling Unit:

4.1 The total number of cats and dogs shall not exceed five (5) within urban areas within the Municipality of Central Huron, with a maximum number of two (2) dogs harboured at any one time in a dwelling unit. No more than three (3) dogs shall be harboured, at any time, in a dwelling unit located within rural areas of the Municipality of Central Huron.

4.2 Any dogs over the maximum allowed in section 4.1 not licensed at the time of passing of this Bylaw shall be licensed within forty five (45) days or shall be deemed in violation of this Bylaw. 4.3 Any rats and/or mice for the purpose of a pet, shall not be bred for any purpose and will be limited to a total of 5 (five) per dwelling unit.

Additional information:

All licence fees collected are used to help offset the costs of the Animal Services Program. This includes items such as:

  • Animal control and Bylaw enforcement
  • Emergency Services – injured animals
  • Removal of dead carcass – small animals only on Municipal Property within 12 hours of notification

*For more detailed information, see the Animal Control Bylaw for full rules and regulations.

The personal information being collected on this form, by or on behalf of Central Huron Clerks' Office, will be used only for the purpose of compliance with the Animal Control Bylaw. It will be protected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended and the Central Huron Animal Control Bylaw. Please contact the Municipal Clerk’s Office if there are questions about the collection or usage of this information. The licence(s) is/are issued to the owner herein described, subject to the provisions of the Municipal Act and the Bylaws of the Municipality and will continue in force, unless otherwise revoked, until March 31 of the respective year.