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Back Alley Art Extravaganza

Artist/Artwork Release Form and Wesbite/Social Media Publication Consent

The Artist confirms that they are the legal owner of the artwork being submitted to Central Huron’s Back Alley Art Extravaganza and grants the Municipality of Central Huron the full right to incorporate images of said art in publications, exhibitions, and promotional materials (both for printed matter and digital formats). The Artist waives any receipt for compensation for usage of this work.

The artist will not hold the Municipality of Central Huron responsible in the event of loss, theft and/or damage to the artwork. By submitting this artwork, the Artist understands that the piece will become the property of the Municipality of Central Huron and will not be returned unless prior arrangements have been made.

By checking below, the Artist understands that they are giving consent to the personal information shared above and/or submitted in conjunction with the Back Alley Art Extravaganza program (art synopsis, photographs) may be posted to the Municipalities’ website(s), social media accounts, and/or included in Municipal publications.

Please READ CAREFULLY and check/fill out as applicable:

Thank you for painting a mural for the Back Alley artist extravaganza!
Please tell us about your masterpeice. We would like to know what you painted, why you chose that subject, is there significance to you, did anyone help or inspire you?